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Cat Scratcher

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Leopard Print Corrugated Cat Scratching Board - Large

Regular Price: S$48.00

Special Price: S$38.00

See-Saw Cat Scratcher

Regular Price: S$120.00

Special Price: S$80.00

Boazz Cat Post (B1105)

Regular Price: S$65.00

Special Price: S$55.00

Paw Point Redemption (Redeem 1200 points)

Price: S$0.00

Paw Point Redemption (Redeem 3000 points)

Price: S$0.00

Paw Point Redemption (Redeem 5000 points)

Price: S$0.00

Cat Scratching Mat GP01

Regular Price: S$41.60

Special Price: S$37.40

Cat Scratching Board N04

Regular Price: S$15.00

Special Price: S$12.00

Marukan Nail Scratching Tray

Regular Price: S$15.00

Special Price: S$14.25

Cat Scratching Post TS1102

Regular Price: S$32.00

Special Price: S$30.40

Marukan Cat Scratching Post-L

Regular Price: S$259.00

Special Price: S$229.00

Marukan Cat Scratching Post-M

Regular Price: S$184.00

Special Price: S$165.00

Marukan Cat Scratching Post-S

Regular Price: S$72.80

Special Price: S$65.70

Marukan Cat Scratching Post-SS

Regular Price: S$37.50

Special Price: S$33.75