How To Order

Placing an order is simple!

1. Search for a product
– If you have something in mind, you can use the search bar at the centre of the online store,
– Browse our product catalogue on the left-hand panel under different sections for different species,
◊ from the drop down menu, you will see the different categories of items you can select for your pet.
◊ Of which you can select the different brands on the left menu bar, or you can select the product directly of your choice.

2. Placing an order
– Upon selecting your choice product by clicking onto the product image, you can select input your preferred quantity, or “BUY NOW” for single item product.
– If you are selecting a product that has variance, you may choose the product size, color, or different choices.

3. Submit an order

 – A notification will be shown on top to confirm you have added item to cart.

– Continue to search and add more items if needed.

– Click on “Shopping Cart” to view your order. (Important Note : You must go to “Shopping Cart” page before proceeding to Checkout so that you can view and finalize your order.)

– At the “Shopping Cart” page, you will know how much points you get for this order.
– At the “Shopping Cart” page, you can make further amendments to the quantity or remove the product. Remember to click on “Update Cart” to save the changes.
– At this page you can enter any coupon code.
– You can apply the rewards points (in cash value) to offset your purchase. Select “APPLY POINTS”. This does not indicate the full value of your points, it only indicates the maximum points you can use to offset.

– Once you have selected the number of points to offset, “APPLY POINTS”, it will be reflected the $value to offset.
– You can select the mode of shipping.
– You will be also see the final bill amount.
If you wish to checkout, click on  “Proceed to checkout”

– select your prefer mode of payment.
– For “PayPal”, you will be re-directed to a secure online payment page.
– All Orders for online payment will only be processed after payment is done and refused.

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