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Bosch Life Protection – Senior Age & Weight

NO Genetically Modified Ingredients: 99.9% safe

Life Protection Concept is a range of food specially created for nutritionally sensitive dogs and contains:
– gluten-free cereals (e.g. millet)
– fresh meat (poultry / up to 26 %)
– alternative sources of carbohydrates (e.g. potatoes)
– choice ingredients (fruit, seafood for vitality and well-being)

The four Life Protection Concept varieties provide nutritional solutions to the following problematic areas for dogs:
-allergic reactions
-food intolerances
-sensitive digestive system
-skin and coat problems
-sensitive urinary organs
-immune system problems

Contains high antioxidants
From a variety of fruits (dried tomatos, cranberries, blueberries), vitami E and selenium to support the self protecting fuction of body cells which weakens with increase aging.

Anti aging
Important natural antioxidative substances from different fruits (tomato paste dehydrated (min. 0.5%), cranberry dehydrated (min. 0.2%) also vitamin E and the trace element selenium (as sodium selenite 0.3 mg/kg) provide nutritional support of the bodies cells.

Weight control

The reduced energy and protein concentration, whilst at the same time providing an excellent diet of quality protein and fibre, makes Age & Weight a unique special nutrition for adult dogs that have problems with maintaining optimal weight.

Bosch Life Protection – Age & Weight is produced without using cereals containing gluten. Age & Weight contains excellent quality highly digestible proteins. Due to its high digestibility and high content of acting and cell protecting antioxidants (Vitamin E, selenium)

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