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enhanceK9 – Dead Sea Salt with Tea Tree Powder

The Dead Sea is famous for its healing ability for all types of skin problem and diseases. Credit goes to the unique substances you may find in the Dead Sea, that do not exist anywhere else in the world.

The Dead Sea Salt aids healing of any skin problem that your pet may have, soak your beloved pet into a dead sea salt solution and it helps to disinfect, rejuvenate the skin and cell renewal. This also helps if your pet has joint or muscle pain.

Tea Tree Powder is added to enhance fragrance as well as skin repair properties. 100% Pure Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil can be added for further enhanced results.

1. Dead Sea Salt Bath
Shampoo your dog clean.
Soak your pet in a tub of lukewarm water and add in Dead Sea Salt.
Soak your pet for 15mins.
No Rinsing needed.
(You may even add in a drop or 2 of pure grade essential oil to aid in your pet’s spa experience.)

2. Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Shampoo your dog clean.
Scoop a portion of Dead Sea Salt into a glass container.
Add carrier oil and 2 drops of pure grade essential oil into the container.
When Dead Sea Salt form a scrub paste texture, apply on to your pet’s skin
(For long coated pet, separate fur and apply directly on the skin)
Massage into the skin for 10mins
Rinse off with warm water. Coat will feel a little oily but this oil is good to remain on pet as a layer of protection

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