Frontline Plus for Cats


Treatment and Prevention for Fleas and Ticks Infestation

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Frontline Plus for Cats

– Kills fleas for at least 1 month
– including all flea stages in the pet’s surroundings
– Controls and treats flea allergy dermatitis
– Controls paralysis ticks for up to 2 weeks
– Water fast
– For use on kittens from 8 weeks of age
– Comes in 3 tubes or 6 tubes packing

How Frontline Works

FRONTLINE Plus killed 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application* and continues to provide fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control. FRONTLINE Plus also breaks the flea life cycle to prevent future infestations.

When you apply FRONTLINE, fipronil, the active ingredient, is stored in the oil glands under your pet’s skin. It is then distributed continuously to the skin and hair of your pet through the hair follicles.

This way, FRONTLINE Plus:
– offers continuous protection for an entire month;
– is waterproof even as your cat grooms and your dog swims;
– breaks the flea and tick life cycle.

Frontline is easy to use and proven effective

How to apply Frontline

FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Top Spot can be applied in one easy application:

Remove an applicator from the child-resistant package and cut or lift off the plastic tab to expose the foil. Peel down.

Hold the applicator upright and snap the tip away from your face and body.

Place the applicator tip through your pet’s hair to the skin between the shoulder blades. Squeeze the applicator and apply the entire contents in a single spot onto your pet’s skin.

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