Oxbow Natural Science – Multi Vitamin 60ct


Multi-Vitamins for Small Animals

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Oxbow Natural Science – Multi Vitamin

Natural Science Multi-Vitamin is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing essential
vitamins to support all of your pet’s body systems. It is also a beneficial source of essential
Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
✓ For pets experiencing environmental stress or chronic health issues
✓ For picky eaters or those that eat only hay and greens

Why Supplements?
Pets are living longer lives thanks to proper nutrition and care, and more pet owners are taking their small pets to the vet than ever before.  The most common ailments vets see with small animals are related to digestive, urinary, joint, and skin and coat issues.  As these pets age, vets also see more chronic, recurring health issues that need support.

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