PEEWEE Cat Litter & Animal Bedding

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Cat Litter
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PEEWEE Cat Litter & Animal Bedding

PeeWee pellets are a purely natural product of wood without additives of any kind.

PeeWee pellets are specially designed to have instant within a few seconds) and high absorption power (300%) to synchronize with the PeeWee litter tray design.
Other substitutes will not achieve optimal results in terms of urine smell absorption and cost savings.

Benefits of PEE WEE

URINE ODOUR FREE – Instant absorption of unpleasant urine scent as PeeWee cat litter can absorb three times its own volume within seconds.

CAT PAWS FREE OF URINE & DUST – your cat’s paws are kept clean and dry.

NO TRACKING – no more urine-laced litter dust cat paw prints on the floor.

ECONOMICAL – only pellets in direct contact with urine is thrown away, rest remain fresh for next use. One 9 kg bag is good for 5 to 6 months.

HEALTH IN MIND – no risk of inhaling stone/sand dust for the cat as well as owners.

HASSLE FREE – cleaning kept to a minimum since only need to clear lower tray (where sawdust & urine are collected) approximately once a week for one cat.

More on PEE WEE :
1. Why is it cost effective?

The PeeWee pellets is specially designed for the PeeWee litter tray. When use in conjunction, 9kg of PeeWee pellets is good for 5 to 6 months for one cat.

2. Since the poo is not covered, will it smells?

The PeeWee pellets will absorb the moisture and the smell subside over time and keep the poo dry.

3. My cat doesnt use PeeWee pellets, what can I do?

Train older cats to use PeeWee litter tray and litter mix a small amount of PeeWee cat litter in your usual cat litter and gradually increase the amount each time you clean out the litter tray.
Use the red tray which is underneath on top (see picture).
After about a week, your cat will have got used to using PeeWee cat litter exclusively and then the white tray with the grating should be positioned on top.
Litter-train your kitten Use a bit of soft toilet paper to mop up the first few drops your kitten makes, which are usually outside the tray, and put the paper on top of the cat litter in the litter tray.
Bring your kitten to the tray now and again and repeat the above procedure.
After a few days, your cat will have learned to recognize its own smell and that the tray is the right place for relieving itself.
It is important to be vigilant about this at the outset so that your cat doesn’t find itself an alternative site.

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