Royal Canin Adult Cat Fit 32


Dry Cat Food

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Royal Canin Adult Fit 32

Cat Food for the active adult cat with outdoor access (1-10 years)

Cats with outdoor access need a nutritional answer that has a higher calorie supply to match their higher activity level. Also, the cat with outdoor access can come into contact with other animals or parasites that can put her immune system under heavy stress. Since she also spends time indoors grooming herself, she also needs nutrition that helps manage hairballs.

52 Ingredients

The right combination of nutrients in the correct amounts, widely studied for their effect, can help your cat achieve its best health.

Manages Hairballs

A combination of different types of fibers that encourages intestinal transit and helps to facilitate the elimination of the hair your cat swallows everyday.

Supports Immunity Function

Antioxidants that may help to support immune health by reducing the impact of free radicals on cells.


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