Vitakraft Magic Clean Cat Litter – Lavender

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Silica Cat LItter

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Vitakraft Magic Clean Cat Litter – Lavender

Extremely productive, especially low weight: MAGIC CLEAN is a hygienic litter, which consists of compostable mineral beads. Moisture and odors are trapped in seconds. One package is enough for a cat for a whole month, it is 4 times more productive than conventional clumping litter! Moreover, the antibacterial effect ensures a hygienically clean litter box. Low dust – hence particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

    Non-clumping cat litter
    Mineral beads, made of quartz sand
    Extremely economical, super absorbent
    Binds odors in seconds
    Inhibits bacteria – guarantees hygienic cleanliness
    Low Dust
    Low transport weight, convenient carrying strap

Instructions: Fill at least 3 cm cat litter in the litter box. Remove faeces regularly. Replace the entire cluster after about 4 weeks. Disposal of used litter in the compost bin. Tip for conversion: If necessary. Mix in the previous cat litter (lower) with Magic Clean (upper layer).

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