Psittacus bird food for Parrot (Mini Cockatiel & Conure)


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This product is intended for medium- and small-sized parrots (like cockatiel, conure, galah, rosella, medium-sized parrots) which in the wild consume mainly seeds with a low fat content. It is a maintenance diet formulated to feed pet birds and breeding pairs during non-reproductive periods. Its composition meets the nutritional requirements of birds during this time.


Mini is designed to constitute 100 % of the parrot’s diet in non-reproductive periods. However, if fresh fruit and vegetables are provided daily to give variety to the diet, Psittacus Mini should constitute no less than 70-80 % of the overall diet by weight. During breeding season, birds should always have access to Psittacus Eggfood, Wet&Dry Microspheres 20/10 and Calcium Grit Fine as a source of calcium. Ensure birds have Psittacus Silex Grit available to cover the mechanical needs of the digestive tract. No vitamin or mineral supplements should be given to parrots whose staple food is Psittacus Mini. Renew feeder with fresh food and water daily. Once the package is opened, store in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Moisture 8.0 %, Crude protein 15.1 %, Crude fat 7.5 %, Crude fibre 4.3 %, Crude ash 4.3 %.

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