Catit Cat Spa


Cat Toy

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Catit Cat Spa

– Perfect for self grooming
– Play area for rubbing pleasure, to stimulate face and back glands
– Gum stimulation
– Area for catnip

Catit Cat Spa, with its hidden catnip compartments, provides your cats with the personal attention that they deserve. A Ripple Massager offers solid, sculpted ripples that perform unlike any brush and give maximum rubbing pleasure.

Accu-Pressure Pads provide pressure points for a sensation your cat will love. Tempted by the catnip concealed inside, your cat won’t be able to resist the textured Gum Stimulator that helps clean teeth. Finally, the Body Stroke Groomer provides an easy-access, intense massage that stimulates face and back glands. What pleasure-seeking cat could possibly resist?

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