Busy buddy Tug-a-jug

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Dog Interactive Toy

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Busy buddy Tug-a-jug

It stimulates your pet’s sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.
Food comes from inside while moving the rope.
Rope can be used as dental floss.
Can chew the bottle mouth.
Easily place/remove the bottom so that you can put in/take out food and clean easily
Owner and dog play tug-of-war.

1. See treats though plastic bottle

2. Scent holes allow dog to smell treats

3.When Tug-A-Jug rolls, the treats inside rattle

4.The unique rubber wrap and tight rope serve as chew toys

5. The sweet taste of victory!

Small (S)For ultra small dogs, and puppies, weight less than 5kg

Large (L) – For small and medium dogs. Weight 5 to 18kg

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