Bosch High Premium Mini – Adult Poultry & Millet 3kg


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Bosch High Premium Mini – Adult Poultry and Millet

  • suits fully grown small breed dogs
  • gluten-free
  • high premium ingredients
  • made with at least 17% millet
  • high quality protein

Bosch High Premium Mini Adult Poultry & Millet balanced dog food is tasty and easy-to-digest and the shape and size of the kibble has been matched to suit the teeth and jaws of smaller dogs.

  • Organic zinc compounds (zinc-chelate) helps towards better zinc absorption making more zinc available for your dog’s metabolism process.
    Zinc is important for supple skin and glossy fur.
  • A perfect balance of essential fatty acids ensures vitality, supple skin and glossy fur and most of all, supports the body’s natural defences.
  • The great balance of different soluble fibres (also incl. fructo-oligosaccharides) stimulates your dog’s friendly intestinal flora and helps with smooth digestion.
  • Choice ingredients carefully prepared with the latest findings concerning dog nutrition help make this food exceptionally digestible and helps your dog to produce well-formed faeces.
  • Lecithin and carnitine are important for many body functions, metabolism and energy.
  • A selection of fibres combined with highly absorbent natural minerals stimulate the friendly intestinal flora and reduce and/or bind together unpleasant smelling waste products in the faeces.

Bosch dog food uses only carefully selected ingredients suitable for human consumption(incl. poultry, whole egg, beef, lamb, vegetables, wholegrain), which are prepared in a gentle cooking process making extremely tasty, digestible, high quality dog food with optimal nutritional value.

To protect the essential, but very delicate vitamins, Bosch dog food includes a mixture of different, natural tocopherols ensuring excellent protection for the vitamins and fatty acids. No artificial flavourings or aromas are added to Bosch dog food. Bosch dog food is incredibly durable due to its drying process that uses absolutely no artificial preservatives. With the high quality of Bosch dog food, you can be quietly confident that your dog has received the appropriate nutrition – incredible value for money.

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