Bosch High Premium Plus – Trout and Potato (Grain Free)


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Bosch High Premium Plus – Trout and Potato (Grain Free)

Bosch High Premium Plus+ Trout & Potato kibble dog food
Highly Digestible Simple but Complete Diet | 100% Effective Against Food Intolerance & Skin Allergies* 

Bosch High Premium Plus+ Trout & Potato is a simple but complete dry food well suited for dogs with sensitive digestion issues, food intolerance and allergies.
* Evaluation by 10 consumers with dog having food intolerance/ allergies – after feeding fully and only the Bosch Plus+ diet for a month.

Bosch High Premium Plus+ Trout & Potato is easily digestable diet formulated with no grains.

  • For fully grown dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Ideal for those who have food intolerances or allergies to different ingredients
  • Premium ingredients from Germany’s Baden-Württemberg Region
  • Single-Protein: With only one animal protein source. Helps to reduce the likelihood of reactions
  • Grain-free: Uses potato, a rich source of carbohydrate and energy that is easy on the digestion.
  • Tasty Trout: High quality source of protein with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Support the maintenance and function of cartilage, and help to strengthen bones
  • Chicory: Provides prebiotic Inulin that prevent the spread of harmful gut bacteria, and help to balance gut flora.

Bosch dog food uses only carefully selected ingredients suitable for human consumption(incl. poultry, whole egg, beef, lamb, vegetables, wholegrain), which are prepared in a gentle cooking process making extremely tasty, digestible, high quality dog food with optimal nutritional value.

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