Loveabowl Cat Bundle 150gm


Cat Dry Food

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Loveabowl Cat Bundle  150gm

150gm of each flavor only at $14.90

Chicken – A super source of Omega-6 Fatty acids for healthy bones.
Chicken and Snow Crab – Low in Fats and High in Omega-6 fatty acids for reduced allergies and stronger bones.
Herring, Salmon and Atlantic Lobster – Packed with EPA, DHA and protein for an immunity boost and increased nutrient absorption.
Salmon – Full of Omega-3 fatty acids to curb inflammation, fortify immunity and achieve shinier fur.

Say NO to:
# Grain
# By-Product Meal
# GMOs
# Added Growth Hormones
# Artificial Preservatives
# Wheat, Corn, Soy and Potato!

Added ingredients to provide the best for your kitty!
Cranberries – to prevent bacteria from sticking around
Pumpkin – for better digestion and hairball control
Blueberries – to fight aging and cancer
Spinach – to protect digestive tract from inflammation
Kelp – for reduction in skin inflammation
Lentils – for enhanced energy
Taurine – for healthy vision, good digestion and robust heart function

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