Busy Bunny – Wood Bunny on Wheels Toy


Small Animal Chew Toy

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Busy Bunny – Wood Bunny on Wheels Toy (JM-7)

This Bunny on Wheels is made of all natural pine wood body with maple wood wheels. Hand-crafted in California by Big John who is well known in the movie industry for building sets and props for movies such as the Turtle Table which he likes to say was the star in the movie Regarding Henry. Big John has 4 screen credits for Star Trek IV, Star Trek V, Black Rain and Jeepers Creeper II. Now retired, he makes quality, hand crafted toys for kids. Contains no nails so it is safe for bunnies to chew on. They will have bunny loads of fun rolling it around!  Measures 5.5 long x 6.5 tall x 1.5 inches wide (13.97 cm x 16.51 cm x 3.81 cm).

Made in the U.S.A.

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