QQ Kit Cat Litter – Charcoal


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QQ Kit Cat Litter

-Recycled paper-based, blend of charcoal (good odor control)

-lightweight, about 75% less than clay-based litter.

 In order to produce paper litter, post-consumer paper is re-pulped, de-inked, and screened. During the re-pulping process, the fibers are de-watered, pelletized, dried, combined with the natural deodorizing agent (charcoal) mixture naturally neutralize the cat’s odors.

-This paper-based litter is dust free and will not harm your cat’s respiratory system.

– Plus, it is highly absorbent granule. The size of granules is about right since it would not stick to the cat’s paws when it leaves the box. The absorbent paper-based litter keeps the box fresh. Each granule acts like a sponge, which absorbs liquids and helps to inhibit bacterial growth as well.

-It’s a clumping litter. Once the small granule litter comes in contact with liquid, it will stick together to form a clump. You can just remove the clumps, and then add more litters to the box, eliminating the need to refill it with every cleaning. This paper litter clump is also flushable in small quantities.



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